Landscape’s of Cornwall

We were set a brief at college to complete a landscape shoot with light in mind i thought i would push myself to shoot with film and a separate spot meter . not only did this offer up the challenge of having an in depth understanding of light but also lots of fun for me. the main reason i opted for film is medium format can offer me better tonal range than my digital equipment. The client was the Cornwall tourist board i aimed to take shots at various different locations to try and give a wide variety of different spots. i find every time i go to cornwall there are more and more places to discover so i shot some of the more obvious tourism locations but also others that are not too well known. . i shot mainly on medium format colour reversal film (velvia/provia) so there really is no exposure latitude meaning you have to get it right in camera. i spent pretty much two days in the darkroom developing each roll of film by hand as i wanted to ensure the shots came out the way i wanted them and didn’t have faith in any labs to take care of them for me. Below are the final images i opted for but i assure you there are lots more.


please let me know if there is anything you like or dislike about these images or indeed if you would like to see more


Many thanks

Paul x


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