“here we see a model in her natural habitat”

All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.Richard Avedon1984

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Recently i had the pleasure of shooting a fashion on location. the aim was to use a professional model outdoors or an location somewhere (not in the studio). Things to bear in mind when shooting on location is that you cannot control light which is the essential part of a photoshoot and being in control. There are things you can do as a prepared photographer that ensure you can be best prepared. things included are reflectors, strobe lights , constant lights or flashguns. I used a reflector as it was relatively strong over head light so a reflector was tilted below the models chin to reduce shadows and make a more tonal shot. I shot on a nikon D800 with 70-200 at f2.8 to ensure i could up the shutter speed as high as possible to reduce camera shake. I had lots of fun doing this shoot however i would have loved a little more time with the  as a few of the shots i was getting were not perfect as a few of the images became unusable due to the focus point being on the rear of the eye.


talia6As a first thought one would assume fashion photography was all about the clothes but you would be wrong. a combination of lighting , composition , aesthetics depth of field and posing can make the difference between a successful fashion shot and just a run of the mill one.  i was lucky enough to attend a fashion on location workshop with the exceptionally talented Talia White i have listed a link to Talia’s facebook page feel free to go take a look and be amazed at the quality of work.


one of the many things i took away from Talia was to simplify when shooting fashion. as brands generally want a good representation of their garments etc. so for the shoot i decided to go simple unfortunately the model only had one outfit as i really enjoyed this shoot i think the shots came out well and i look forward to more shoots like this.

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If I was to evaluate and look at my work in a critical way I would say the images work really well however I would most definitely make use of a reflector to try and reduce any shadow on the face as there were bags under the models eyes. I feel that my editing is a little different between the series though. some images have a more warm tone to them and others and cooler. I would definitely re edit these to ensure the images are consistent I would have also looked at the details of the model before shooting to see that the belt she was wearing was a little tight and not too flattering to the shape.


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