English Heritage

We were asked at college to work to a clients brief and see what we could come up with. The brief was to take a series of images for English Heritage at the magnificent Witley Court that would entice a new young fresh modern clientele between ages 20-30, but first let me tell you about witley court and all the fantastic work that english heritage does to maintain these grounds and hundreds more all over the uk.

English heritage are a charity that uphold historical sites all over the uk from Stonehenge to the better parts of Hadrian’s wall . They are all about history but teaching you in the best way possible at the places that history happened. They pride themselves on being as accurate to the truth as possible. One of the sites that english heritage maintain is Witley court which i had the pleasure of visiting recently.

Witley court built in 1655 is located in rural Worcestershire England, it was once a great stately home of the midlands but after a huge fire broke out in 1937 the home fell to ruin and needed alot of work to maintain what was left, as shown below



Stately in Abandonment: Witley Court

The image above shows the actual fire captured from the air a devastating moment for people at the time without the work of english heritage this place may not be standing today.

The client brief for english heritage showed some challenges as to gaining the key audience. So I thought a bit of research was due so the first thing I did was go on trip advisor to read some reviews and then it got me thinking that in sales or marketing of any kind it is word of mouth that is such a powerful selling tool and to appeal to a younger audience. This got me thinking that my first reaction was to go on trip advisor to see what the place is like and there are alot of other people that do the same as me all over the uk. So I thought I would utilise the reviews on there and overlay the text over the images. The reviews that I used are shown below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These images above show the editing style of a slightly nostalgic image with subtle warmer tones to show good weather. I used 3d text to try and modernise and refresh an otherwise overdone style of photograph I am not sure the text works 100% so I thought if I was approaching the client with this angle I would like to take another style to give them options as to which ones to use so I used a method that is incredibly popular at the moment with large bold text over the image as shown below

until next time

PJ x






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