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Color is very much about atmosphere and emotion and the feel of a place.Alex Webb

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we recently had the opportunity to test out some toning of images. toning is effectively changing the look and feel of a photograph with various liquids and dyes. we had the opportunity to try out a few the image i started with was a shot from a recent trip to Poland shot on my Leica M3 on kodak Tri-x. as shown below is a print of said image


i absolutely love this image and the various tones i think it printed very well so i decided to print  five more of the same print so i could see how different each look with a different colour tone applied. each image has to be left in the tone tray for about 3 minutes apart from the blue which is only a minute and the yellow and red for around 10 minutes


in the first tray is blue tone and in the second a salt bath to stop the blue dye, unfortunately i feel this was contaminated as it something a little unexpected happened


any form of dark tone has almost washed away with the blue. the house at the bottom right is barely visible and almost solarised. but overall a very bizzare look to the image.

next tray was the antique sepia tone which is the most traditional method of toning an image


this truly gives an authentic vintage look to the image and i feel this suits the image very well

next was the red dye which actually was as you can guess a bottle of red wine

*disclaimer no alcohol was consumed during the toning of these images


this gives an almost pink look to the image very cool affect indeed.

next was the yellow food colouring


i feel if i could combine the two dyes above it may create a cool looking sunset image with autumnal feels to the colour

and last but not least is coffee.


coffee creates a very cheap alternative to the antique sepia tone. however the image has to spend alot more time in the coffee to absorb the dye.

overall i am very happy with how the toning worked and i feel this is a useful skill to add to any Anologue printers arsenal so to speak


until next time

PJ x


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