Pushing Film


Pushing film is the practice of tricking your camera to underexpose in metering and then to pull ( to develop for more time ) the film back in processing . it is something i rarely need to try as i use my Leica m3 unmetered and also my Mamiya RB67 pro s so the need to push a film and pull developing is not necessary so to have a go i thought i would get my olympus om10 out kodak TRI-x is one of the favourites of pro photographers B and w film as it has absolutely beautiful thick emulsion and very punchy high contrast when pushed i had asked around on some film photography groups how far others have pushed this film and i thought lets try pushing to 1600 as i heard these results tend to be pretty awesome and grainy so lets see what we got.

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one problem i had with drying these negatives was they dried arched so every time i would try and load them into the negative carrier for the scanner they would be out of focus in the centre of the image so i asked a few people on various groups for tips and tricks and the easiest solution was to reverse roll the negatives into a film cannister and leave for a day or two and voila perfectly straight so for those who gave suggestions thank you


PJ xx


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