Lumen Prints


lumen printing is a Cameraless way of capturing photograms primarily using black and white photographic paper and usually natural materials and one massively key element that ties all this together THE SUN 🙂 now obviously one thing to bear in mind when lumen printing is how high the sun is in the sky to help decide how long you need to expose. luckily it was quite a nice day at solihull college today not too overcast and quite sunny  many things need to be taken into account aswell including the transparency of your objects and the dryness of them and also how quick you get them scanned in as you cannot fix these images to the paper. we walked around the college grounds for a while to find some objects to use and flowers and vegetation a plenty were picked we then laid the plants over the photographic paper which was on foam board for stability and then placed a clean glass pane over the top and placed out in direct sunlight for around half an hour. it looked a little something like this : IMG_4994

i used kentmere photographic black and white paper which is not the best for this but for a test i think it served its purpose very well


i was very interesting to see exactly what is possible using the very basics of photography/ photograms and i have found something that is relatively easy to do that i will be most certainly experimenting with in the future.


Until next time


PJ xx


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