Seeing the world In Monochrome

In this day in age we think of photographs as perfect representations of what we see on a day to day basis which means tones shapes colours and sharpness play a huge part of photography as a whole. lets look at the black and white masters of yesteryear. The first photographer that comes to mind is the master of monochrome ‘Ansel Adams’Adams_The_Tetons_and_the_Snake_River

he truly pioneered monochrome photography and the zoning system which is a way we measure tones. we were asked at college to take some shots with the camera in monochrome. The hardest part of this was actually attempting to take into account how the world looks in black and white as we will see shapes tones and form very differently as things will stand out more. shadows become an incredibly important part in a monochrome shot that otherwise would have been pointless in a colour image. we also had to keeps a thematic context to the images. i opted for the theme of nature, as my college grounds are superb and full of potential things to be shot.  we were then asked to edit these said photographs in silver efex pro with is a part of the Nik collection which is now completely free to download from the web page and is an incredibly useful tool for someone starting out in the world of monochrome photography. below is the final series of images i came up with i hope you like them as it isn’t my usual style.


I absolutely adore this series of images as I feel the high contrast and shallow depth of field adds to a dramatic series. one thing that crossed my mind whilst taking these shots was that the images were shot to be displayed in square format the rule of thirds for me didnt play a part here i feel that the central composition of all focal points works very well and i dont think i would change this series much. however i think the one thing i could change to ensure a stronger series would be to retake the shot of the clouds without any foreground or leading lines as i feel the lines in the centre image draws the viewers eye around the series rather than them naturally moving from one to the next without prejudice or preference


Paul x


2 thoughts on “Seeing the world In Monochrome

  1. These are a beautiful set of images that compliment each other and have been composed really well, I keep saying it, I’m a sucker for black and white. Its amazing how nature can look beautiful minus it’s colour.

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  2. Great start Paul, just the right amount of info and imagery! make sure you proof read before blogging, as there are a few typos. you have some really strong images and used a shallow depth of field to focus on your subject. that said the middle image is good but doesn’t work with theme. either another detail or a wide shot of the grounds where you took the images to give context to all the others

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