Pushing Film

Pushing film is the practice of tricking your camera to underexpose in metering and then to pull ( to develop for more time ) the film back in processing . it is something i rarely need to try as i use my Leica m3 unmetered and also my Mamiya RB67 pro s so the need … More Pushing Film

Gum Bichromate

Gum Bichromate is a printing process from the 19th century that was highly regarded as the first colour printing method. any colour can be printed by using layers of different colour pigment and build the image very much like a painting. this therefore gives a huge tonal range and can create very beautiful images . … More Gum Bichromate


There are many different varieties of filters for your camera, from UV filter’s to ND Grad filters and it can be a bit of a minefield deciding what you need for which scenario. below i will attempt to give a fairly comprehensive list of the filters that i have knowledge of and in what situation … More Filters!!

Lumen Prints

lumen printing is a Cameraless way of capturing photograms primarily using black and white photographic paper and usually natural materials and one massively key element that ties all this together THE SUN 🙂 now obviously one thing to bear in mind when lumen printing is how high the sun is in the sky to help … More Lumen Prints