self descriptive poem

an interesting look at self portraiture in a completely different medium but still the same result 🙂



            The light in the crowed


I feel like I am the word left unspoken

Left classified and denied the rights of my human

But identified and assumed as someone long gone

Left fumbling in the dark of the crowd being a no one

I feel like this concept should soon change

Since I am now a part of this intense game

However that is not all to be said of me

I am always growing even faster than the trees

But still my light shines dimly amongst the crowd of lore

But each revolution my light shines brighter than that of before

However my light shines at its greatest as an individual

But with knowing and wisdom my light soon will spread

And the people who have seen or know my light

May not know what makes it shine so bright

But it’s the…

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