Cross Processing in Photoshop

cross process is a development term that is to process film with the incorrect chemicals to produce unnatural colour tones and very high contrast it was originally discovered by mistake around the time of c-22 and e-4 processing. it blew peoples mind and made them think about the possibilities that could be achieved so people started to experiment with different films to different processing chemicals to achieve some varied results as shown below scan10005.jpg

Cross Processing Film (E6 and C41)

i could sit here for countless hours showing you all the different effects that come from cross processing but instead i have displayed the image above as i really like the simplicity of the blue tone it has a very cool blasé feel to it.

cross processing has gone from being a once in a while thing to having an entire new generation of photographers that are being introduced to film and its imperfect yet perfect possibilities. i thought i would have a go at adapting a digital image i shot at the weekend in shown below _DSC7250.jpg



i picked this image to convert as the colour gamut was very vivid to  begin with i love how different types of cross processing causes different reactions and this is much the same in photoshop i attempted to recreate a blue shadow and high yellow tint to create a warm looking cross processed image i feel that the models looked fantastic and the hair stylist did a great job the saturation of the colour creates a really nice feel to the image that is reminiscent of times past and the wonderful reminder that film is not dead even when recreated with current technology i will be attempting cross Processing of E-6 120 film 100f in c 41 chemicals to see what happens.


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