Long term Project “TwINDIVIDUALITY”

ill start off by telling you a story that happened to me about a year ago which has given me the motivation to do this project.

i work in a retail and have done for many years and i pride myself on my customer service and ability to build rapport with all kinds of clientèle. in the store i work at the moment there was a regular that had come in for years and i used to chat and ask how her day had been , you know the usual friendly front of house retail manager stuff. well after a year or so of talking to this customer one day she was in browsing the stores goods and behind her walked in her!!?? and obviously me being incredibly confused and feeling rather confused thought “that’s weird” and then after what seemed like a lifetime (which was probably only a couple of seconds) it hit me these are two different people they are twins. and i couldn’t help but feel ashamed obviously we all laughed about it at the time and still to this day. For years i had been speaking to the two sisters who are probably in their 30’s and who lead completely different lives with different experiences and personalities. i felt bad that i couldn’t have really been listening when being the friendly retail manager as they disclosed information about their individual lives and i had never put two and two together purely based on appearance they were one in the same.

this got me to thinking how hard life must be or potentially could be as a twin  obviously when thinking about being a twin everyone has that first thought that life must be really easy and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. so as a photographer i started looking into separate photography series from all over the world and all i have noticed is the photographer is using it as a way to show the obvious similarity and symmetry of the twins with symmetrical back drops etc much like this series below by

Julie de Waroquier



i love the idea of the individual personality of each twin showing through as after all these are individuals. i will be hoping if the project is a success aiming to release a book or publication of some kind and certainly an exhibition  so please if you are interested in getting involved whether you are one of a twin or know twins of any age please get in touch via any of the methods below

E-mail : Paul.Johnson.Photography@outlook.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Paul.Johnson.imaging

Twitter : Paul_Johnson1

Thanks guys



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