Everyone has that bargain once in a while. Now I never thought that a bargain I would shout about would be the purchase of a book. But I really have to shout about this one whilst on my travels I popped into a local charity shop who have a large selection of books and reference materials which I thought hopefully will be a great resource I need to tap into and managed to pick up a copy of


This book only cost me £4.99 as opposed to the £37.00 or so on Amazon. So it may not be the amazing saving of the century but it showed me about the throw away society we live in.

The book is a collection of images from the 20th century that have been censored or doctored by the media and asks the question within photojournalism is truth really what we see ? Truth within photojournalism is something that has been discussed in great detail in my lectures at college. And how truth to one onlooker will be different to the truth from another as with all art it is the perception of the viewer to have a connection to make there own mind up as to what they see.

So here’s to censorship and media portrayal of the “truth”

Happy Tuesday



2 thoughts on ““Truth”

  1. Fantastic post! I like that a book inspired you rather than the Internet for a change, there is so much more to give yourself when you immerse your self in factual informal information from a book or even a good fictional story!

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