Inspiration all around

“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see”

Rene Magritte

As a lifelong passion with art i have had a great love and fondness for the surrealist movement. i spent many years studying the works of Rene Magritte and Escher . below is a piece of Margritte’s called the human condition which has inspired a piece and a mind set that i have been developing. i love the surrealist movement as it is all about imagination. and imagination is something that i always had growing up and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.


as a great lover of the surrealist movement i started to wonder how could apply these dreamy imaginative works into my photography and stumbled upon an artist called jerry Uelsmann who has elements of magritte’s work. below is an example of a piece that i feel very strongly has been influenced by Magritte

 03Untitled1990 (1)

i love the use of composite images to create a smooth transition of images to create this beautiful piece it makes me feel a connection with the poor soul’s walking on the beach that they are so small in the grand scheme of things and i feel that the message that the artist is trying to portray here is that we are very small in the grand scheme of things. it is almost portal like and a window to another world. as we are talking about inspiration i cannot discuss this without the mention of one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century.


Don McCullin CBE Hon FRPS is a name that cannot slip the tongue when thinking about most major conflicts of our generation. He has travelled and photographed most of these conflicts, not just war time conflicts but the smaller scale conflicts of gangland warfare in east London i had the pleasure of meeting the artist after attending a lecture given on Conflict photography at the Photography show in 2014 he was a very humble man i luckily met him at the train station and got his autograph and shook his hand it made me thing the hand that i shook has taken some of the most hard hitting gritty photographs of the twentieth century. so as i am feeling very inspired right now i had better go do some work until next time friends

Happy monday



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