The great debate

So here I am sat on the bus on the way to work on this horrible drizzly morning surrounded by people that quite frankly smell of cabbage !! And I’m thinking about the time I was working at Jessops before they closed. The one question I had hundreds of times a week

which one is better nikon or canon??

I believe All pros and people with a bit of sense about them would have the common sense to know that neither is better than the other. I believe that the more camera manufacturers exist is better for the consumer. Let’s be honest every time one beats the other to the punch with a new feature I.e. Wifi intergrated the other comes out swinging. The hilarious thing with this debate is that I am intact a nikon user and my partner is a canon user so we joke about saying the other persons camera is awful. Which gives us both a bit of a giggle.

When selling cameras I would always reply to the question above with the answer the most important thing is how it feels in the hand, I have very large hands so a deep grip and large body suits me and everyone is different so pop to Jessops or your local camera shop and try them on for size see how they feel and hand over your cash and get snapping

Happy clicking guys



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