It’s getting closer to the the trip steph (partner) and I have really been looking forward to. A couple of months ago my best mate had moved to Scotland with his wife and pretty much as soon as they moved we had booked flights and arranged the trip. There will be lots of photo opportunities … More Inverness

The great debate

So here I am sat on the bus on the way to work on this horrible drizzly morning surrounded by people that quite frankly smell of cabbage !! And I’m thinking about the time I was working at Jessops before they closed. The one question I had hundreds of times a week which one is … More The great debate

A beautiful getaway

It has, therefore, been a favorite boast of the people of Wales and Cornwall, that the original British stock flourishes in its unmixed purity only among them. — Thomas Bulfinch, American writer I had a fantastic holiday with my fantastic partner where we ventured to the wonderful world of Cornwall In a charming little area … More A beautiful getaway